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Who we are

The Waterfront Alliance is a non-profit, civic organization committed to protecting and promoting the Port of Portland and the working waterfronts of South Portland and Portland. The organization was founded during the 1980s with the recognition that the working waterfronts of the Port of Portland could and should be supported and protected as an exceptional resource for our region’s economy, our quality of life and culture.

Over the years, the Waterfront Alliance has been a valuable forum for its diverse membership: marine associations, fishing industry, cruise industry, neighborhood organizations, terminal operators, environmental groups, business groups, pilots and tugboat operators, property owners, marine dredge/construction/repair, recreational boaters, marinas, waterfront businesses, transportation organizations, educators, the public-at-large and municipal/state/federal officials.



What we do

Advocating for the health and sustainability of the Port of Portland's infrastructure, the Waterfront Alliance has contributed to the revitalization of the port by creating a place for open discussion of a variety of issues affecting the port.


Four goals of the waterfront Alliance

1. PROMOTE INCLUSIVE CONVERSATIONS on waterfront and harbor issues to build understanding and consensus.

2. SERVE AS AN INFORMATION CLEARINGHOUSE on waterfront issues, activities, and plans, and inform waterfront stakeholders in decisions that affect our collective future.


3. EDUCATE THE PUBLIC about the waterfront’s history and its vital role in the region’s current and future economy.

4. ASSIST WATERFRONT PROPERTY OWNERS, both public and private, in taking actions that support and protect a sustainable working waterfront.


Executive Committee

Tom Meyers, Chair

Erno Bonebakker, Vice Chair

Sarah Kirn, Treasurer

Bill Needelman

Charlie Poole

Larry Legere

Dick Ingalls